Transport & logistics

Wijnands Bulk Care is a logistics service provider located in Lanaken, Belgium, and specializing in loose bulk products. We provide transport, storage, transshipment (in warehouses), and packaging or processing of materials. Our markets are chemicals, recycling, ceramics, and steel; and with our specialized refrigerated tippers we are active in the gelatine industry. Wijnands Bulk Care is large enough to offer you security and continuity, while at the same time being compact enough to guarantee short lines of communication and personal, flexible service. Our Dutch-speaking drivers have a thorough practical knowledge of English, German, and French. From our location on the Belgian-Dutch-German border, they drive throughout Europe for our many large clients. 

Sixty vehicles on the road per day

No doubt you've seen our bright red tipper trucks on the road. Every day around sixty Wijnands Bulk Care vehicles are on the move. Our company focuses on bulk transport for the European steel, chemical, and ceramics industries. Our well-maintained fleet of vehicles is capable of dealing with the wide variety of shipments we transport: bulk materials and coils. We also drive refrigerated tippers specifically for the gelatine industry. Our drivers are our ambassadors. They are knowledgeable about the products they transport and follow the principles of the 'New Driving Style' (economic driving).

Our own port at the heart of Europe

We have our own loading and unloading quay close to our favourably-located site in the heart of Europe, with various storage and transshipment facilities for packaged and loose bulk products and materials. This allows us to offer clients an attractive alternative to the busy and expensive port terminals of Antwerp, Ghent, and Rotterdam. Even coasters with a depth of 3.4 metres can be catered for at our quay on the Albert Canal. There is also a rail terminal right next door. Wijnands Bulk Care therefore has everything needed to handle your freight correctly and efficiently. 

Everything in one place

Where the logistics of your products are concerned, you naturally prefer to only have to deal with one party. Wijnands has everything necessary to take care of it all, and therefore provides a far-reaching logistical service. It's good to know that besides our own specialized bulk storage facilities we also offer related services such as the packaging, sieving, and mixing of products. Storage in bonded warehouses (customs entrepôts) is an option, as is taking care of checks and stock control of your goods. With our own vehicles, we can deliver cargo from our warehouse on demand 'just in time'. Wijnands can take care of the entire logistical chain and is therefore the perfect partner for you logistical matters.


We know your product

Our transport company demonstrates every day that the right people can really make the difference. Our planners are at the ready every day to make sure everything runs perfectly smoothly. They are the crucial link between the drivers and the client. Our administrators take care of faultless reporting and invoicing. And our drivers know all about the products they are transporting: They know exactly how to handle them. As a family-run company, teamwork and involvement are in our blood. On this website, we introduce you to a number of our employees. Naturally, all the other Wijnands employees would be happy to let you experience the added value that Wijnands Bulk Care can offer your company.

Our clients

Wijnands Bulk Care works for a 'hard core' of regular, renowned, satisfied clients.  We are proud of the fact that we have been transporting freight for some of them for more than fifty years. Partnership does not mean that nothing ever changes in the cooperative arrangements: We keep pace with our clients, and we support improvements in the logistical solutions that we offer. Take a look at our group of renowned clients. Koramic Terca/B, Sibelco Deutschland/D, Arcelor Mittal/B, Thyssen Krupp Stahl/D, Tessenderlo Chemie/B, PB Gelatins/B, OCI Agro/NL